We are a non-profit  organization that aims to reverse the climate emergency through education, using conscious consumption as a tool to generate change.

We unite people for super fun, inspiring events to make friends, have a laugh and protect the planet.

We educate people, raising awareness of the problem and helping to find solutions to plastic pollution.

We change the world by changing our habits to more conscious and responsible.


Back in April 2018, Daniel Reynolds was partaking in his usual aimless stroll along Barceloneta beach. One particular day he noticed something quite unusual and shocking. No, it wasn’t the hordes of tourists pouring ice cold mojitos down their necks at 10am. It was plastic pollution, littering the beautiful pristine natural environment.

Dan started to collect what he could of the trash but he quickly realised that this was more than a one man job. So, he started to spread the word, somehow convincing friends and anyone else he could manage to persuade to spend their time picking up trash from Barcelona beach.


With all his enthusiasm, he managed to turn it into a weekly event, dragging hungover volunteers out on a Sunday to clean up Barcelona.  This is where Pure Clean Earth began, and with the help of passional, hard-working, Colombian Andrea Torres, it picked up momentum and the movement spread to Sitges. During the summer of 2018 these two superheroes turned Pure Clean Earth into a non-profit movement, inspiring hundreds of volunteers to get together every weekend and clean up the beaches.

The two humble leaders had big visions for the future of Pure Clean Earth and gathered together a team of tribe-leaders to each work on developing the organisation. We are now an official Non-Profit Organisation with dreams of tackling plastic pollution through education. We visit schools, provide workshops, give talks, collaborate with other groups, attend festivals, and every week our community of volunteers grows and grows.

To date we have collected more than 9,500kg of trash from the planet preventing all of this from polluting our natural environments. We are now in the UK and in 3 locations in Spain with an ever-growing online audience. Pure Clean Earth hopes to inspire people to become part of the anti-plastic movement in whatever way they can.

Want to join the #trashtribe? Come along to an event, follow us on social media, attend one of our workshops, or just become aware of your consumption habits!