Once a week we gather together a group of passionate volunteers for an exciting afternoon of protecting our beautiful planet. The main focus is collecting trash and stopping it from polluting our natural environments, it can be the beach, the city, the mountains... the list goes on.


But we don't stop there! We aim to properly sort and recycle every bit of trash that is collected to make sure that each material can be re-used when possible.  So, what’s the point in all of this? Rooted in every event is education, we provide the volunteers with information about plastic pollution and inspire them to help become a part of the solution. We send a message to the public by showing them how much trash has been collected and how it can be easily avoided by making plastic-free changes in home.

Why we do the clean ups? 

1. To clean and remove all the rubbish we can find in 1 hour and avoid it going into the ocean. 

2. To raise awareness among the volunteers and everyone that sees us cleaning. 

3. To educate about the materials we find and how we can start replacing them in our daily lives. 

4. To collect very detailed data of everything we find so we can take the clean ups to another level. 

More than anything, our events  are about meeting new people, becoming part of an inspired group of people all fighting for the same cause and most importantly having fun!

We keep all of our EVENTS up to date here.


*We also provide private clean ups for groups, businesses and schools.  

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*If you want to start a clean up in your city/beach, get in touch, we will help you!